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Volkswagen Streetmate
2018-12-05 11:37:19

Volkswagen Streetmate

The Streetmate – an e-scooter – is the clever alternative to the car, the bike or public transport in the city. The study solves traffic problems. The compact and agile Streetmate fits in even the tightest parking spot. It also benefits the environment with an electric drive system that boasts zero local emissions and is extremely quiet. That’s good news for air quality. At the same time, the Streetmate makes a visual statement with its clear, bicycle-like product design that stands out strikingly from the sluggish appearance of conventional scooters. This visual impression is reinforced by the fact that the Streetmate’s small motor is integrated into the rear wheel hub. It has a 2 kW capacity so the e-scooter can hit speeds of up to 45 km/h with a range of 35 kilometers.

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