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Infiniti Prototype 10
2018-12-05 15:42:31

Infiniti Prototype 10

Inspired by the potential of electrified performance, the Prototype 10 concept re-imagines the classic speedster to represent our passion for thrilling performance and pure driving pleasure.

Prototype 10 shows our intent for future INFINITI performance — illustrating a dynamic fusion of our desire to electrify our cars, and the promise to deliver supreme driving satisfaction.

Taking its cue from high-performance early speedsters, Prototype 10 points to the delivery of exhilarating off-the-line acceleration and pulse-racing speeds in the smartest way possible.

Demonstrating the possibilities of our future powertrain technologies, Prototype 10 will inspire new pure electric and e-POWER vehicles — harnessing the full potential of ultra-low emission technology.

Punctuated by geometric lines, Prototype 10’s bodywork alludes to the sudden acceleration of an electrified powertrain, which can immediately deliver 100% of available torque with a push of the accelerator pedal.

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