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Infiniti Project Black S
2018-12-05 15:41:49

Infiniti Project Black S

The body of a coupe. The beating heart of a race car. Project Black S is an evolving collaboration between INFINITI and Renault Sport Formula One™ Team to develop innovative technologies for an electrified future.

With more power comes even greater performance. Project Black S demonstrates INFINITI’s commitment to developing high-performance electrified powertrains.

The dual hybrid Energy Recovery System helps deliver instant electric torque and lag-free acceleration alongside the turbo-charged V6 internal combustion engine by harvesting both kinetic and heat energy.

Project Black S generates more power and more acceleration than ever before — potentially revolutionizing the performance of our future road cars.

The brake by wire system and carbon ceramic discs give greater, more accurate control at high-speed for a confident and consistent braking sensation.

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