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2018-12-05 15:29:39


This autonomous, connected and 100% electric "robo-vehicle" explores the shared mobility of tomorrow from the emotional side. Its promise: to provide you with a premium and immersive mobility experience, for a single trip, an hour or a day.

Renault EZ-ULTIMO has a two-tone bodywork juxtaposing deep black with green tones on the lower part with champagne from the upper part. The upper part is made-up of 600 diamond-shaped facets, treated like a one-way mirror. They filter the view towards the inside of the vehicle to preserve the privacy of the passengers - up to three people - while providing a transparent effect inside.

Wireless battery recharging system

Level 4 autonomous driving system

GPS and Wi-Fi

LengthxWidthxHeight: 5.70m: 2.20m: 1.35m

Length with side door open: 2.63m

Height with upper window open: 1.64m

Wheelbase: 3.88m

Weight: 1,800kg

Engine: 1 electric motor

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