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Ssang Yong e-SIV EV Concept
2018-12-05 15:26:46

Ssang Yong e-SIV EV Concept

The new SsangYong e-SIV stands for 'Electronic Smart Interface Vehicle'; will be central in helping to shape the next-generation of SsangYong SUVs and EVs as the company focusses its attention on new technology and an advanced autonomous driving system. The e-SIV is a C-segment sized electric vehicle and is the company's fifth electric car concept to be exhibited.

As far as the design of the e-SIV electric concept goes, it takes inspiration from Korea's natural environment and is interpreted in all of the company's recent new car design. The coupe design gives an attractive body shape to the e-SIV and this differentiates it from other EV models. The subtle design reflects the silhouette of a coupe while retaining the space and rugged style of an SUV.

Under the skin, SsangYong envisages a 140kW (188bhp) electric powertrain, with power supplied from a 61.5kWh battery. A maximum range of 280 miles is claimed, as is a top speed of 93mph.

The e-SIV is equipped with a radar and camera system, unlocking some semi-autonomous capabilities. The ‘stage 2’ tech on board means that it can recognise lane markings using the cameras and maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead using the radar system. The next step is to include an additional sensor for automatic lane changes.

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