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Toyota Concept-i RIDE
2018-12-05 15:23:45

Toyota Concept-i RIDE

The two concepts use in-car sensors to detect the user’s alertness and mood - and analyse their social media activity to gain an understanding of their preferences and lifestyle. The vehicle’s ‘agent’ can then adjust parameters such as interior lighting and scent, and attempt to make conversation, in a bid to improve the driver’s mood or calm them down.

The EV in question is likely to be similar size to the Concept-i, therefore, and it is expected to have a range of around 300km (186 miles).

The Concept-i RIDE is a more urban-focused proposition, designed for mobility scooter and wheelchair users. Its gullwing doors are able to lift up the wheelchair and help to swing it into the vehicle - and its seat can move fore and aft to assist further with the process. The control mechanisms for the two vehicles are different, however; Concept-i has a conventional steering wheel, but Concept-i RIDE is operated by one of a pair of joysticks mounted at the end of the seat armrests.

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