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Toyota i-Tril Concept
2018-12-05 15:23:16

Toyota i-Tril Concept

A different type of transport for those who still wish to have fun whilst driving even at slow speeds in the urban environment, it represents all the best elements of future mobility beyond mere eco-friendliness.

The Toyota i-TRIL Concept is designed with maneuverability and cities in mind. It would be one of the smallest vehicles on the road, weighing in at just over 1,300 pounds and taking up less than 10 feet of space. This electric concept car is designed to travel more than 180 miles on a single charge and offers autonomous driving technology as well. Drivers can take over when needed, but the Toyota i-TRIL Concept lacks conventional steering wheels and pedals. In their place there’s a joystick and an advanced heads-up display.

The butterfly-opening doors are hinged on the sloping A pillars to maximise the opening area and ease of cabin entry to even the rear seat passengers, whilst requiring no more opening room within a car parking space than conventional doors.

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