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Volvo 360 C
2018-12-05 15:08:11

Volvo 360 C

The 360c envisions a variety of experiences based on your needs.

360c includes several mood settings designed to help you relax or party on your journey, with all the creature comforts you need.

A mobile, fully connected meeting place and workspace means you can get things done on the move.

Travelling overnight for a morning meeting? Why not book a sleeper vehicle that will deliver you to you final destination fully refreshed?

The 360c also introduces a proposal for a standardised autonomous vehicle communication system that will enable other road users and autonomous vehicles to understand what the 360c is going to do next. We believe that such a standardised system will play an integral part in making autonomous vehicle travel a safe and pleasant reality.

Toward that end, the 360C presents a vision that rethinks how ground transportation might be used within an autonomous infrastructure. The car could serve as a safe, comfortable first class cabin, providing a hassle-free way of making quick commutes often left to aircraft. Think Los Angeles to San Diego or New York to Washington, D.C.

Volvo defines the targeted routes as roughly 186 miles (300 km) from point to point and says that such routes actually become more time-consuming by air than by car once you factor in traveling to and from the airport, going through security and boarding procedures, deplaning, etc.

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