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Cupra Formentor Concept
2020-01-13 17:36:31

Cupra Formentor Concept

Powering the CUPRA Formentor is the high-performance plug-in hybrid engine, a powertrain designed to meet today's requirements for performance and efficiency and begin the electrification of the brand. Mixing the technology of an advanced high-performance plug-in Hybrid petrol engine with a high power output, with the high-torque characteristics of an electric motor allows the CUPRA Formentor to surpass the performance expectations of the driver.

Linked to a dual-clutch DSG transmission the total output of 180kW/245PS is delivered seamlessly to the wheels. The intelligent DCC chassis setup and differential lock mean that the vehicle performs majestically no matter what the driving conditions or driving style as the driver directs the car with its progressive steering.

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