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BMW X7 pickup concept
2020-01-13 17:41:56

BMW X7 pickup concept

The BMW X7 Pick-up is based on the BMW X7, the most luxurious and latest member of the BMW X family. The one-off combines the drive technology of the 250 kW/340 hp BMW X7 xDrive40i with the innovative vehicle concept of a five-seater luxury pick-up.
A handcrafted loading area boasting a sophisticated fine-polished wood finish, a height-adjustable two-level air suspension and numerous high-class equipment details make this BMW X7 Pick-up an ideal companion for the diverse day-to-day uses and more. A BMW F 850 GS - a powerful motorcycle from the adventure segment - on the loading area completes the conversion. Together they are able to reach even the remotest corners of the world.


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