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Toyota e-Palette
2018-12-05 13:32:41

Toyota e-Palette

Extensive interior space with a low floor/cube shape design.
There are three sizes of e-Palette Concepts, with different lengths (depending on the specs needed). Because of a flat and extensive barrier-free interior space layout designed with a low floor, equipment can be installed by the user’s needs, such as ridesharing
specifications, hotel room specifications and retail shopping specifications.

The lengths will vary from approximately 4m to 7m. The dimension of the CES 2018 design model was Length 4,800mm, Width 2,000mm, Height 2,250mm.

Vehicle control technology is being used as an interface for technology providers. Technology providers can receive open Application Programming Interface (API) such as vehicle state and vehicle control, necessary for the development of automated driving systems (automated driving control software and cameras/sensors, etc.). The e-Palette Concept also leverages the power of the Mobility Services Platform to enable over-the-air updates of the automated driving systems.

Vehicle information is gathered from the Data Communication Module (DCM) fitted to the e- Palette Concept and accumulated in the Toyota Big Data Center (TBDC) through a global communication platform. The e-Palette Concept will capitalize on this vehicle information to support a variety of finance options, as well as high-level maintenance in cooperation with Toyota dealers. The API required by service providers, like vehicle state and dynamic management, can be viewed on the Mobility Services Platform.

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