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Renault 5 EV, Canoo Pickup Truck win the 2021 Future Mobility of the Year’ Awards
2021-11-26 17:57:02

Renault 5 EV, Canoo Pickup Truck win the 2021 Future Mobility of the Year’ Awards


Renault and Canoo are selected as the best concept car makers of 2021 by global motor journalists. KAIST has announced Renault 5 EV, Canoo Pickup Truck as the winners of the 2021 Future Mobility of the Year (FMOTY), the global concept car awards.
This year’s award for the best concept car for a passenger vehicle went to an electric hatchbag, the Renault 5 EV. The compact electric car was highly regarded for its revived heritage of popular hatchback and practical approach that realize electric mobility. A pickup truck by Canoo, a California EV manufacturing start-up, won the award in the commercial vehicle category. The pickup features an innovative design allowing for a variety of functions topped with a competitive price and it received overwhelming support from the judges. It shows that young start-up can compete with existing car makers in EV market.  
Out of the 46 concept cars revealed at global motor shows between last year and the first quarter of this year, models demonstrating transport technology useful for future society and innovative service were selected in two categories of passenger cars as private mobility and commercial vehicles as public & commercial mobility. 16 automotive journalists from each countries participated as judges. 
The awards ceremony was held at Renault Samsung Motors in Seoul on Nov 25. KAIST President Kwang-Hyung Lee presented awards to CEO of Renault Samsung Motors Dominique Signora, and CEO of Canoo Tony Aquila. 
KAIST, the top tech university of South Korea began the FMOTY awards in 2019 to advance future mobility technology and stimulate growth in the industry. The award recognizes the most innovative ideas for making the most futuristic concept car and improving the social value of the industry.
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①    The organizer of FMOTY▶ FMOTY Awards was established by KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), a top engineering school in South Korea.
②    Judging Committee:▶Charlie Turner, BBC Top gear (UK) 
▶Paul Horrell, BBC Top gear (UK) 
▶Frank Markus, Motor trend (US) 
▶Georg Kacher, Car Magazine (Germany) 
▶Marchett Tricamo, L’Automobile (Italia)
▶Hirohisa Kaneko, motor journalist (Japan) 
▶Koro Okazaki, Car &Driver Japan (Japan) 
▶Yasuhisa Shimashita, motor analyst (Japan) 
▶Jun Miao, MJ car show (China) 
▶Chacky Ip, The Hong Kong Automobile Association (Hong Kong) 
▶Sierra Yeh, TCar (Taiwan) 
▶Carlos Payo Calderon, Autopista (Spain) 
▶Zeca Chaves, Quatro Rodas (Brazil) 
▶Carl Cunanan, C magazine (Philippines) 
▶Yongjoo Kwon, Auto Times (Korea) 
▶Kibeom Kim, ROADTEST (Korea)
③   Winners for Future Mobility of the Year 2021 & comments of Judges

▶Private Mobility Category: Renault 5 EV 

- Georg Kacher (Germany): “Fuses Renault´s past at its best with Renault´s future at its peak: tradition and future become one.”
-Marchetti Tricamo (Italia): “The concept is very cool and almost faithfully reproduces the style and design of the first generation R5 of the 1970s and early '80s. It's the details really set this design apart. A fantastic retro-style with some hi-tech items such new EV platform.” 
Jun Mao (China): “Very cute and classic design, Large horizontal screen and impressive Side Camera Mirror System.”
-Chacky Ip (Hong Kong): “The retro look earned the most scores from me. It seems there are many potential buyer if it get manufactured.”
-Kwon Yong Joo (Korea): “Ideal combination of friendly tradition and evolution for the eco- friendly future, securing Price competitiveness by efficient LFP batteries”

▶ Public &Commercial Mobility Category: Canoo Pickup Truck

- Carlo Payo Calderson (Spain): “Surprising pick-up that can be the perfect companion at work during the week and the perfect car to enjoy weekends and our adventures. I love the modular solutions to expand the cargo box. And also, 100% electric.”

-Carl Cunanan (Philippine): “A wonderfully inventive rethink of a stalwart workhorse platform. It makes the pickup even more utilitarian, perfect for the more modern craftsmen and artisans that may well need to bring their tools and indeed their workshop around with them.”

-Goro Okazaki (Japan): “The many ideas for maximizing the benefits of EVs are very interesting.”

- Frank Markus (U.S): “This truck's compelling exterior design, savvy packaging, and innovative features like the extendable bed truly set it apart from the rest of the contender vehicles.” 

-Georg Kacher(Germany) “Incorporates all that matters: it´s clever, versatile, modular, esthetic, affordable, sustainable and bold.”

-Kim Gibeom (Korea) : “It presented the possibility of electric commercial vehicles that can be applied in various forms through the skating platform.”

- Marchetti Tricamo (Italia): The pickup truck demonstrates that the electrification technology makes possible to produce vehicles - especially for urban and commercial use - even for a small startup. The design are minimalism and is the right solution when you could match a great interior space with a small dimensions.

-Paul Horrell (U.K):“It contains multiple clever and practical ideas to make a pickup more helpful for the driver and user. They are realised a way that makes it a delightful vehicle, not merely a dull utilitarian one.” 

-Zeca Chaves (Brazil): a commercial vehicle that combines a simple but very functional design, both inside the cabin but mainly in the cargo area, which allows configurations never imagined 

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