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The final winners of FMOTY 2020
2020-07-29 16:29:52

The final winners of FMOTY 2020

Here are the lists of winners selected by 16 judges for the Future Mobility of the Year Award 2020 in the three categories from 17 final candidate concept vehicles.

Honda becomes the best concept car makers in Private mobility of 2020.

Hyundai wins two prizes in Public & commercial / Personal mobility of 2020


- Honda e Concept, the winner of Private mobility of 2020


- Comments from judges –

- Charlie Turner (U.K): The Honda E is a vehicle that thanks to its stunning design, advanced HMI and driving dynamics could be responsible for driving the EV revolution from early adopters to mass market.


- Jun Mao (China): very cute and classic design, Large horizontal screen and impressive Side Camera Mirror System.


- Chacky Ip (Hong Kong): Retro outlook compromised functionality and simplicity, it finally gets manufactured by its practicality too.


-Yasuhisa Shimashita (Japan): Honda e has returned to the original advantages of electric vehicles and is committed to city commuters. The battery capacity is not too large, and the body is smaller and lighter. The concept, which reconfirms the enjoyment of movement, including the footwork of the rear-wheel drive layout, is an important proposal for the future.


- Hyundai Neptune HDC-6 Hydrogen Truck, the winner of Public & commercial mobility of 2020


- Comments from judges -

- Frank Markus (U.S): The design is as futuristic as the hydrogen propulsion system, which may yet prove to be the most effective carbon-neutral means of moving heavy goods over land.


- Marchetti Tricamo (Italia): Bus and truck are the right vehicle to be fueled with fuel cell technologies in terms of size and for their purpose. Neptune is perfect to more deeply explore the real opportunities in the commercial vehicle market.


- Carlo Payo Calderson (Spain): The transport of the future on the road will have its main ally in hydrogen. Interesting futuristic and functional truck.


- Hyundai e Scooter, the winner of Personal mobility of 2020


- Comments from judges -

- Paul Horrell (U.K): Its compact folding design means it can stay in the trunk of a car while the owner drives to the edge of a city and parks, then the owner can go on to their destination by scooter. So it will lessen congestion on city road and parking space.


- Carl Cunanan (Philippine): The Hyundai e-scooter may look simple, but it is actually a very-last-mile solution that can incorporate the strength of a global transportation brand with the changing needs and technologies of modern life.


- Goro Okazaki (Japan): The key to this kind of vehicle is lightness and portability, E-scooter is perfect for that respect.


- Zeca Chaves (Brazil): What other personal vehicle can be carried under the arm or inside a backpack? This is the ultimate practical, low-cost mobility solution.


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